The circular economy as a service

What you need, when you need. Infinite, sustainable consumption.

The average American household has over 100,000 things in it.

This traps a vast quantity of finite resources that could be benefiting society.

You probably own a hammer you don’t use very often. Much of our resources are sitting in drawers, houses, or garages – even when other people may need it.

What if we could shift from ownership to access. Use stuff only when you need it.
So, if 100 people need a hammer, we need 10 hammers.

Let's build the commons

Ownership is equivalent to hoarding, an obsolete model that guarantees a future of scarcity and inequality. Buffalo Network introduces the commons. Garages transform from a physical location of things to a database of resources. These resources can move around to fulfill a functional need. As a result, we shift from material to functional wealth.

  1. Owning (hundreds of) thousands of things I don't actively use makes little sense.
  2. The commons is the key to an abundant, shared future.
  3. I value functional over material wealth.

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